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Creator (Yandere!Monster Trio x innocent!Reader) 18 pages 6 days ago ... (yandere!demon x reader) In your sleep you meet a being who insists to take you to another world, a world distant from the mundaneness of reality, a world where all your desires and dreams could exist without limit. Unfortunately, things often don't work out as they seem ...

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Pairings: Platonic Yandere! Obi-Wan Kenobi X gn!ReaderSummary: Obi-Wan sees you as his child.Warnings: Yandere, obsession, possession, delusional, denial, manipulation, implies of future kidnapping. GIF by userobiwan. He knows you since you were little. You were a sweet little child and so talented. Your courage and perseverance impressed him ...Yandere | Reader | Fanfiction Romance x reader. (y/n)'s husband is a cold and stoic man. He offers her no affection, and their marriage was not one out of love. While attending a party one night, however, (y/n) meets a woman, named Mary Lee, who appears strangely fixated on her. This one meeting is what disturbs (y/n)'s once bleak and lon...Read Yandere Monster x scared female reader from the story Yandere x reader Oneshots by NightmareReaper2723 (Reaper) with 11,458 reads. murder, wattpad, yander... Girl VS Monster Island (Werehog Shadow x Female Reader) DISCONTINUED. 135 pages Completed July 7, 2022 ShadowHybrid76. Sonic the Hedgehog | Reader Shadow the Hedgehog | Anime/Manga Romance X Reader Sonic Manga. When her sisters get taken away by the evil king, Y/N and her pet, Onni must go to Monster Island to save them.A murderer that won't speak. The grim reaper down her throat. When Cipher receives his newest assignment as part of being grim reaper, his newest subject puzzles him. (Y... horror. dark. xreader. +11 more. Read the most popular demonxreader stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform.

Y/N is home!" I hear my roommate Aki, yell from down in the basement as she ran up to where I was. I looked as Aki stood at the basement entrance, her long white hair reaching almost to her legs shining, both her red eyes stareing right at me and her long grey and white dress reaching to her knees moving a bit.Monster High Yandere | Reader Kieran Valentine | Fanfiction Horror Romance Valentine X Reader Yandere X Reader. Following the events of Draculaura's sweet 1600, Valentine has since been able to rid himself of that horrible stench and has returned to Monster High. However, now everyone knew of his promiscuous, heartbreaking ways, and avoided him ...Jun 27, 2022 · That hurt. “You’re lonely, like me.”. His hands lifted you up and placed you in his lap. You gripped the black cloth on him as you felt tears race down, but you could do little to wipe them away. As you sobbed, you felt a necklace placed around your neck. “I can treat you like you deserve.”.

Nov 29, 2020 · love-infested: “Yandere! Monster x Reader DrabblesWarning: Toxic Relationships, Dark Themes A/N: This was lost on in my drafts but I found it!! A little break from all the Twisted Wonderland fics. The... DAY THREE — QUIET SEX. character: wilbur caffrey. cw: smut, hand-over-mouth, afab!reader, reader is referred to as 'sugar,' quiet sex, dirty talk (wilbur cannot follow his own damn rule), language, slight degradation (wilbur calls you a pocket pussy), semi-public sex, FILTH, yandere!character. Keep reading. #𖤐—kinktober '23 #oc: wilbur ...

My Darling (yandere jjba x reader ... The Last Human on Monster Island by Randomfox3 . 29.6K 824 11. You wash up on an island full of monsters all shapes and sizes ... Husband Chris Redfield. Hunter Chris Redfield. Hunter Ethan Winters. Everyone wants Marie. Marie went to see the world eloped to a man she does not know is a hunter and then comes back to take care of her father. Her father is bound and determined to break up their marriage and marry her to one of the lords.Original Male Character/Reader yandere/reader Yandere Male/Reader Original Male Character (s) Original Characters Reader Original Female Character (s) Yandere Yandere Male reader - Freeform Reader-Insert Breaking the Fourth Wall Multiple Endings (Flirty Yandere! x Reader. Maybe comedy; may contain slight mature themes.).Yandere | Reader | Anime/Manga Romance Monster X Reader. (Yandere!Monster? x Reader) Since your childhood you’ve been told stories of the horrifying monster that lived in the woods beside the neighborhood. Yet many years later, in summer 1998, you confronted the so-called monster who seemingly was but a normal human.

Various x reader! Working as a librarian by day and self appointed assassin in the shadows. F/n L/n is like a modern day robin hood of sorts. Or at least she likes to think herself as such. But as it turns out, the murder business isn't exactly the most profitable one when you're picky abou...

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Yandere Demon nsfw. Since I own two souls here’s a draft of your yandere demon in heat. Word count: 500 mdni. Baron had been acting strangely lately. Stranger than usual. Clingier than ever before; hardly listening to you even with added pressure. He growled at your boss for just wishing you a good morning.203 15 3. A desperate cry on your deathbed leads to you being given a fresh start at life. You're overjoyed at having finally obtained a healthy body and a real chance at living n... readerxvarious. romance. yandereoc. +15 more. Read the most popular yanderereverseharem stories on Wattpad, the world's largest social storytelling platform.Yandere | Reader OC | Fanfiction Romance Drabbles x Reader Yandere x Reader Various x Reader Slice Of Life Harem Ish. You lived a pretty good life. Huge mansion, loving parents, endless cash. You never had to work a day in your life, never had to get your hands dirty.You drifted away into a long slumber, tired by your relentless duty, leaving those whom you knew to weave their legends of you, and when you awoke, you found yourself in a new world which anticipated your arrival. And your old purpose, your sole reason to exist, had been washed away.The only son of the Lento Family let's loose a downwards spiralling obsession for the youngest daughter of the (l/n)'s, their past not so messy unless his best friend, Jesse Smith, is involved. It seems that for things to come clear the waters of the past need to be stirred and murky. Part 1 of Kitten. Language:

Yandere monster prom x male!human!r... Nikei-Yomiuri. Reads. Reads 2,637. 2,637 2.6K. Votes. Votes 24. 24 24. Parts. Parts 3. 3 3. Time. Time <5 mins. 0 hours, 4 minutes <5 mins. ... Get notified when Yandere monster prom x male!human!reader is updated. Sign up with Facebook Sign up with Google. OR . Sign up with Email. If you already have an ...(Yandere!Monster? x Reader) Since your childhood you've been told stories of the horrifying monster that lived in the woods beside the neighborhood. Yet many years later, in summer 1998, you confronted the so-called monster who seemingly was but a normal human. Fixated to find out more about the mys...In today’s digital age, the way we consume news has undergone a significant transformation. With the rise of online newspaper subscriptions, more and more readers are choosing to get their news digitally rather than through traditional prin...[O N E S H O T] [Yandere Monster X Reader] At first, he desired to eat you. But slowly that desire unfurled into a powerful obsession with loving you. [1000+ followers special!] Add to library 685 Discussion 31 Suggest tags. The Beautiful Beast (Yandere Various One Punch Man X Monster Reader)Hi queen can you please do yandere drider Silva x reader I love your work. Here he is! - You got caught in his web like every other creature unfortunate enough to draw his attention, your frightened and frantic struggling shaking the web and drawing his undivided focus.

Female Reader. This story follows the tale of (Y/N) (L/N), a transfer student from (Home town) as she walks down the halls of Akademi High school. She came to Japan for new experiences and opportunities, though having so many people fall in love with her wasn't exactly one of the things she had in mind...Nor let anyone put you down either. As per usual your anger runs hot and violent. The moment anyone is doing anything less than praising you, you're already inclined to resort to violence. You never bother questioning how perfect you are because your father literally tells you every day.

Supernatutral Yandere Harem x GN reader . Word count: 1k. Warning; swearing /1/2/3/ "Honey, what are you doing?" "Quiet, Sharon. It's happening again."-With time, you had reluctantly grown used to all the new members of your household. As a break for your dwelling sanity, the latest addition wasn't as clingy as the others.92 Stories. Sort by: Hot. # 1. Scary Is Cute [Slashers x Reader] by Creativity_Juice. 256K 7.2K 16. "Sometimes the scariest things in life are the most well known cutest things you would ever really have.." °• •°• •°• •° The slashers are all in hiding since t... horrorfanfic.After being hunted down by the Lord of Geo and refusing his apologies, Zhongli decides to take matters into his own hands and forcing you to see his devotion to you. Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings. Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings. Suehiro Tecchou (Bungou Stray Dogs)/Reader.You Give Me The Chills. 74 pages August 20, 2021 StrugglingSoul. Monster High | Reader | Fanfiction Romance Love Boy Monster High Happiness Give Insert Chills Genderbend. [Reader-insert] [Reader x Various characters/Genderbend characters] Whoever said monsters were terrifying! Sometimes they are just so sweet.dragon yandere dragon fluff dragon x reader yandere x reader yandere fluff yandere male yandere monster x reader monster fluff x reader fluff. 986 notes. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; southernbluebellereader asked: Hi Flower! I hope you had a great new years! Wish you nothing but the best this year!Yandere! Kuroo Tetsurou x Reader] When your mother remarried, you couldn't have been happier for her. But along with a new father, house and life, you would also be getting a brother. And he just can't help but adore you. So much so, he'd love you until your lips turn blue....Jun 24, 2022 · In both, the reader is pondering the past before it jumps to the present to help with any confusion before reading!! Slenderman: You want to tear your eyes out, pull at your skin, and scream until nothing left can be heard. It would be better than the constant paranoia eating at you. Monster Romance. Word Count: ~3,206. Rating: NSFW, 18+. Smuttiness, Death, Tentacles, and Size Difference. Tentacle Monster/Eldritch Horror x Reader, Summary: A casual stroll through the street market leads to odd encounter at the local beach. Friction occurs, and you’re dragged to the depths of the ocean.

194 pages October 3, 2022 Momo-chan. Yandere Reverse Harem | Reader | Fanfiction Romance Wolves Monster Werewolf Dragon Harem Naga Oc Original Character Drider. (Your name) was a young witch who owned a magical confection shop. Distraught over her harsh breakup with her ex, she vows to never love again.

|| Monster bois x reader || When (y/n), a horror and monster enthusiast, moves into her freshly bought, supposedly haunted, house, she was not expecting to find non human residents already inhabiting the place. She never would have bought the house if she knew this was going to happen. How will sh...

Browse through and read or take one piece x reader stories, quizzes, and other creations ... (Yandere!Monster Trio x innocent!Reader) ... Now, you're forced to deal with the Strawhats growing adoration for you, while also having to find a way home. (Aka, yandere strawhats x isekai reader) Add to library 14 Discussion 171 Suggest tags. Multi ...What’s that? Someone sent you a pdf file, and you don’t have any way to open it? And you’d like a fast, easy method for opening it and you don’t want to spend a lot of money? In fact, you’d like it free? No problem — here’s the solution.Queen of Disaster: Yandere Various Monsters x Pastel Witch Reader. 194 pages October 3, 2022 Momo-chan. Yandere Reverse Harem | Reader | Fanfiction Romance Wolves Monster Werewolf Dragon Harem Naga Oc Original Character Drider. (Your name) was a young witch who owned a magical confection shop.Yan Johan x Reader. Warnings: Yandere themes, unhealthy relationships, Johan being just unpleasant to be around as always. Word count: 2.1k. When you walk into your apartment, a premonition hangs over your head like a low storm cloud. Nothing is amiss at first glance.The axe sliced down the door and you screamed. Death was inevitable. And suddenly, the door broke open, revealing an tall muscled orc in blood. You screamed and looked to run off, but all that was behind you was fire and smoke. He brought you into his arms, blood steeping and staining your clothes.[ Yandere!Monster x Reader ] There is an island full of crime that remains an enigma to the outside world, for anyone who visits mysteriously goes missing. Some believe the island is hiding a horrible curse. When a young photographer who is barely scraping by is offered a job at traveling to the mys...Hit and Run (BumbleBee x Reader) by Sam. 111K 3.8K 17. When a simple run to the library in the rain goes wrong, the young woman known as, (F/n) gets a surprise of a lifetime. shyreader. transformers. violence. +5 more. # 5. Yang Xiao Long X Male Reader: Brea... by Super Human456.Feb 18, 2021 · 🐏 Welcome to our candystore! 🐏Masterlist [Desserts menu] Call me Choco / Fanfiction blog / yandere fanfiction / a monsterfucker / I'm a Brazilian but I can speak a bit of English (there are a lot of errors on each post lol) / this blog is for fanfiction and drafts and sometimes stupid shiz Eyeless Jack accidentally enters the room of Y/N L/N, a small child who is unaware of the horror in front of her. As she grows, Y/N learns that humanity isn't as black and white as she once thought it was and starts to fear the creature whom she used to call 'friend'.It's time to try Tumblr. You'll never be bored again. Maybe later. Sign me up. See a recent post on Tumblr from @lovelybrooke about platonic yandere. Discover more posts about tw yandere, gender neutral reader, oc x reader, x reader, yandere smut, yandere, and platonic yandere.yandere. +14 more. # 8. Underneath A Thousand Skies ️ by Burnt Offerings. 4.6M 174K 199. In the first world she transmigrated into, Song Jia accidentally killed the original host and made the monarch so insane with grief that the whole world was destroyed wi... texttospeech.

It's time to try Tumblr. You'll never be bored again. See a recent post on Tumblr from @berry-loves-yandere about yandere monster high x reader. Discover more posts about yandere monster high x reader.Creator (Yandere!Monster Trio x innocent!Reader) 18 pages 9 days ago ... (Yandere! Stranger Things x reader) - takes place at the very start of season four and an Au where Billy made it and Jim wasn;t kidnapped - bi reader who flirts with everyone - spoilers lmao (Now crosspisted on wattpad) ...In today’s digital age, PDF files have become an integral part of our daily lives. Whether it’s reading e-books, viewing important documents, or filling out forms, having a reliable PDF reader on your PC is essential.Instagram:https://instagram. food city dayton tn weekly adfulton county dmv alpharetta gaseriously hammered nyt crossword cluenews and observer obits (Dere or trait) Male/Female X Reader I'm just going to give some examples. (Shy! Male/Female X Reader, Badass! Reader X Male/Female, Yandere! Male X Yandere! Reader, etc….) Mythical Creature X Reader Examples: (Pheonix X Reader, Naga X Reader, Demon X Reader, etc…) Songfics Send me a song and I'll write a story to it!Yandere!Monster x Reader . There were rumors of a large-tooth monster that lurked outside of town. Many dead animals were found in a pile, deep in the woods. You decided to go on a hike with your friends. It wasn’t late when you set off on the trial, but your friend seemingly lost the map. walmart 2955polar express train ride sc Consumers can get free Monster Energy gear directly through Monster Energy simply by redeeming the tabs from the Monster cans. There are several different products available when using the collected tabs. best lotus combos Dec 20, 2020 · Nighttra's Book of Monster Girl One... Nighttra. Reads. Reads 578,393. 578,393 ... Most of this is yandere female x female reader but there are a few that contain ... Fanfiction Romance X Reader Yandere X Reader Prince X Reader Reverse Harem X Reader Various X Reader ... You never thought making a stupid bet with your best friend would lead you to screw up every princess fairy tale. And now you have to fix your mistake by going into each tale, one by one, and helping the story progress from the beginning. (Yandere FNAF SB x nb puppet reader) ! None of the pictures in this story are mine unless said ! puppetreader; yanderefnaf; yanderexreader # 9. A Deadly "Spell" by Nussie. 387 13 3. You just wanted some berries but god has other plans. . . . This is a Yandere Sun and Moon x Reader. ...